Enhance Your Looks With Indoor Tanning

There is nothing more impressive, especially in dead of winter, than meeting someone who is tanned and looks very healthy. This not only makes a huge impression on acquaintances, but can often have a bearing on work promotions, interviews and so forth. Looking tanned and fit is possible when indoor tanning is used.

This salon process has advanced tremendously since it was first introduced in the U. S. In 1979. Booths or beds are now available all over the country, located in sites such as beauty shops, spas or separate facilities. They are monitored by the Federal Food and Drug Administration Agency for eye protection, length of exposure, safety rules, labeling and other features.

A specially constructed bed utilizes fluorescent lamps (UVC). The UVC is the same as the rays of the sun, heavy with vitamin D. As with exposure to too much sunlight, precautions are taken that a user does not suffer from sunburn. Acrylic shields are used to protect the body.

People are different so the amount of time required to tan can vary. However, 20 minutes is the maximum exposure to the UVC waves that is allowed. Those wishing to maintain the tan must visit the site one or two times per week.

Because any exposure to that many rays has some risk, employees and customers alike are being educated regarding “smart tanning”. This teaches how to minimize risk and maximize benefits concerning UV exposure. Even with a good tan, it is still necessary to be protected, when in the outdoors, to prevent sunburn.

Indoor tanning is great for anyone who wishes to look and feel good. Special lotions are required when engaging in this kind of program and there are numerous kinds available. Having a body that is tanned presents a picture of someone who is active and conscious of the importance of looking good.

When you love the elegance of a year-round tan, an indoor tanning method is the recommended method. You can find cheap tanning lotion by searching on the Internet.

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