Information You Must Be Aware Of Regarding A Spray Tan Booth

When people have had the chance to experience spray tanning they will be unlikely to return to any other method of tanning. The spray tan booth is able to give people an enjoyable experience which is a little different. As with all other treatments there is rules surrounding the use of spray tan booth and when these are correctly followed the results will be very good. The spray tan booth is becoming very popular as it is a very easy method of tanning.

The spray tan booth should not be very hard to find as most local tanning salons now offer this treatment. It is important to get as much information as possible prior to making use of the service so that you know how it works. The staff working the salon will be able to give advice and information and they can give advice on how to maximise the results of the treatment.

There are a couple of things that you should do before going to the salon to undergo the treatment of a spray tan booth and that is to exfoliate, shower and shave. When inside the spray tan booth it is very important to not use any indoor tanning lotions, soaps or moisturizers other than the ones that are recommended by the salons staff.

Before you go into the spray tan booth all clothes, jewellery and make up should be removed. A shower cap should be put on before entering the spray tan booth in order to stop your hair from getting sprayed with the tanning mist. Barrier lotion will need to be applied to the palms of the hands as well as between the fingers and toes.

Are you able to hold your breath?, if not them a nasal clip should be used whilst the tanning mist is being used. Protection for the eyes is also very important and unless you are confident of keeping your eyes shut then goggles should be used.

Once all of the safety equipment is in place then you can press the button to activate the tanning mist and this button is located within the spray tan booth. The tanning mist will not have been heated prior to application therefore it will give a cold sensation during the treatment. Once the spray tan treatment is finished you should get dried off with a towel whilst being careful not to press to firmly. If there is any excess tanning solution left on the body it is likely to go streaky.

Once you have dried off you should get dressed and head back home. The entire tanning process in a spray tan booth will take about twenty minutes. It is very important to not have a shower for a couple of hours following the treatment and it is best to wait for about seven hours in order to not reduce the effect of the tanning mist.

The benefits of the spray tan booth should remain for one week, however this will vary depending on the actually spray tan booth and the results may differ therefore it can be a good idea to try different salons. Most people who experience the experience of the spray tan booth treatment will not return to any other method of tanning.

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