Sun Laboratories Products Create Dark Hues

When talking about really convincing sunless tan shades, Sun Laboratories still offers only the best. From delicate golden hues that give that special, sun-kissed glow, to exciting tropical bronze shades, all products are intended for highlighting your natural beauty. Such dark and attractive tropical shades you will not find anywhere else.

All high-quality self-tanning products now contain DHA. This active ingredient is produced from natural sugar. In contact with the outer layer of the skin, DHA causes a chemical reaction with amino acids, creating a bronze color. The intensity of the color depends on the level of DHA in a particular product. Sun Laboratories has developed a formula that gives a convincing performance.

Sun Laboratories Offers include tanning creams, lotions, foams and gels, and other equipment necessary for personal and professional use. All products are available in small and large containers. Buying larger container yields significant savings. Most recognized professional tanning salons use Sun Laboratories products, primarily due to their quality.

Innovative self-tanning formula contained in all of Sun Laboratories products is extremely successful. It provides a seamless application, leaving no streaks or smudges. Color usually takes about three hours to fully develop. Therefore, overnight lotions are very practical. If you apply it at night before bed, in the morning you will have a beautiful tanned skin, the kind you have always dreamed of.

Instant tan products are an excellent solution for situations when you just do not have enough time. Sun Laboratories offers washable and durable mousses and gels that will allow your skin to become dark and irresistible in just a few moments. Color is very beautiful and looks absolutely natural. Washable color can be very nice way to try some hues before choosing your favorite one.

Good preparation of skin before applying self-tanning products is very important. You need a good exfoliation of the skin, to make it soft and smooth. Sun Laboratories has in its offer very high quality products for this purpose. Maintaining softness and elasticity of the skin is also very important. Excellent moisturizer will make sure that your skin is deeply nourished and hydrated.

High-quality professional equipment necessary is for the proper and perfect application of self tanning liquids. Airbrush guns use superior airbrush technology to achieve extraordinary, flawless results. For home use, airbrush guns are available in smaller models, but you can also buy very practical small spray applicators, easy to use.

Very popular Sun Laboratories sets are always a good choice. Kits contain all the necessary things to achieve flawless bronze tan. There is a quality exfoliating gel, a very good moisturizer, small sprey applicator with rechargeable tank and your selected self tanning liquid. You have all you need and you are ready to go.

Find details about the advantages of getting an airbrush tan Colorado Springs area and more information about products from Sun Laboratories, right now.

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