The Effective Sun Giesee Self Tanning Lotion Provides A Great Result

It appears that nowadays people do not feel the need to lie in the sun for hours on end just to get a super tan. These days you get the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion that will give you that super tan you are looking for. A little research and you will soon be tanned to perfection. It is best to use the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion that will suit your specific needs. These are available on line and they are easy to come by.

A good idea before just going dark bronze is to go one or two tones more darker than one’s natural color. One does not really want to go very dark over night as this may indeed seem a bit radical. For a real first timer, you shall want to take it slow and get accustomed to the very idea of having a tan. Thereafter, one can go gradually darker until you get to the dark brown you want to be. This could be a couple of tones darker than your first choice of self tan.

In preparation for your sunless self tanner, one needs to take note of a few things first. Before you apply Sun Giesee self tanning lotion, it is quite important that you take a steam shower. The best idea is to exfoliate the skin where you are going to apply the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion with an exfoliating scrub. The idea is to get off as much of the old skin as possible. Once out of the shower make sure to dry off really well.

Once you are ready, you can apply the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion. Most lotions come out of the bottle in a very dark form. The thing is not to panic. You will not go this dark color. Your skin will absorb the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion and you will go a bronze color. Be sure to rub it on evenly or else you will get streaks.

Do not get a fright at the color of the Sun Giesee self tanning lotion that comes out of the bottle. It is usually much darker than the color you will be going. It will absorb into the skin. When you have finished applying it, simply get into bed and go to sleep. You will wake the very next morning, with your new tan and look fabulous.

Next thing to do is take another shower to get rid of the excess Sun Giesee self tanning lotion that is still on your body. It will not be necessary to exfoliate again so you need not do that. One will surely notice that there’s very little to no rubbing off on your bed’s sheets, due to the fabulous new formulas that have been designed.

Remember not to wear anything that is too tight on the skin for the very first time out after applying Sun Giesee self tanning lotion. Rather keep that for the next day when your skin has toughened up a bit. Get ready to go out and enjoy your great new look, with Sun Giesee self tanning lotion.

Make sure that you keep your skin well moisturized at all times, regardless the use of Sun Giesee self tanning lotion. These lotions often have moisturizer in them as well but it is good to keep the skin smooth and supple. Your Sun Giesee self tanning lotion should last for up to 5 days.

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