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Free iPhone 4 No Offers or Referrals – Fake or Real?

Is it possible to earn a free iPhone 4? Well, yes and no. You can get one for very, very uncostly. Normally below $10 in out of pocket cost to you. So, that is not %100 free, but it is an astonishingly nice price! There are numerous companies out there whose sole purpose is to gather information about certain demographics in correlation to certain products. This is “Marketing 101”. I will explain everything to the best of my ability in this paper.

The info that these companies need to understand will help them to build a stronger and more targeted promotional campaign for future product releases. This information is used to decide what type of actors, or plots for TV commercials, radio commercials, etc. when these future products are released. The basic principle is this: do not create a commercial advertising skateboarding with people in their golden years trying to pull of an ollie. On the same token, do not create a commercial advertising denture cream with a bunch of teenage actors. Simple concept, but it is very important in marketing. How is this information accumulated?

Numerous ways! Surveys that are mailed out via the Postal Service or through email, tracking which web addresses are browsed to that are used in TV commercials, what time the most sales occur, the list goes on. There are quite a few of the larger advertising agencies that will “outsource” this fact gathering to other, smaller companies. I can hear you now: Alright, alright, what does this have to do with me or a free iPhone?

Here is how it all ties together. These smaller companies will launch websites offering free products to help in gathering this information. For example, a free iPhone 4. When you go to one of these sites you will be required to fulfill a few obligations before you receive the freebie. You will answer a few surveys and test out a few products. The product tests are usually trial offers. In other words, you pay shipping and handling, you get the product, if you like it you continue to pay regular price for other similar items. This is where the initial $10 or so comes in to play that I mentioned before. Just make sure to cancel if you no longer want to pay for, or receive future items. Is that all?

There is one last thing to watch out for. Make sure that the site that you go to is authentic. there are quite a few of these sites around. No point wasting your time and not securing what you were promised, right? I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the better sites for these offers and have found one that does deliver a free iPhone 4.

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