What are many bible students doing without?

In religious circles it may be the in thing to have the newest improved bible.

Have you been swept up into this idea of finding a better translation? When the details of God’s will and your eternal salvation don’t matter the new will be fine but consider the 5,000 differences when compared to the King James if details do matter.

Coming from a corrupt text is the reason why there are so many conflicts. New translations are a more modern language then the KJV but the original manuscripts differ from what the KJV Bible came from. So the real issue is not about translation it is about the original TEXT used.

If you want to know if you have one of these corrupted Bibles turn to Colossians 1:14. If this verse does not include the phrase “through his blood” then you have a bible that has been translated from a corrupt text.

Remember, you cannot translate what is not there.

To appreciate our King James Bible it is noteworthy to understand the process that it came from. Our bible was preserved through the doctrine of inspiration and preservation.

Bible Believer View. We can hold in our hands the inspired & preserved Word of God. God has preserved it down through history through a multiplicity of copies that are as accurate and reliable as the originals. For English speaking peoples it is found in The Authorized King James Version. This view answers the questions.

1 – how to identify the inspired words.

2 – how God’s inspired words are preserved.

3 – where are the inspired words.

First you must recognize what the word of God claims of itself before you claim the bible to be your authority. The bible can’t be an authority for your life if it is not the final authority in your life.

Bible believers should accept as their final authority what is God’s final authority.

Take the NIV Bible authority test, Discover the bible that does not take the blood of Christ away and have 5000 other errors. A non-denominational online bible study site for true believers.

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