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The health and safety (H&S) industry has experienced a growth rate over the last 10 years. A lot more positions are currently available. New research indicates that another area has experienced a large growth rate also; applicants without the pre-requisite job qualifications. Employers recognise this trend and no longer grant interviews to non-qualified applicants.

Stricter application standards are indications that employers recognise the need for minimum mandatory levels of technical knowledge. The improvement in requesting professional working level personnel was validated by a 2011 National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Job Barometer. That report found that 3% of nationally advertised vacancies within this specialised field failed to identify either a minimum qualification for employment.

A two week 2011 examination, March 23rd to April 6th, of 100 H&S job advertisements for managers and advisors was performed by NEBOSH personnel. They found 93 of the 100 announcements specified a requirement for a NEBOSH qualification and/or a Technician level or higher membership in the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). Within those 93, at least one NEBOSH qualification was mentioned on 66 job advertisements

IOSH has three distinct levels of membership. The first is Tech IOSH, the next level is Grad IOSH, and the top level is Chartered Membership (CMIOSH). There are accredited qualifications at each level. Nearly half of the announcements, 48, mentioned some form of IOSH membership accreditation. Tech IOSH was referenced on five vacancies, Grad IOSH was specified on 17, and the other 26 positions specified CMIOSH credentials.

£45,000 a year was the average top salary advertised. The majority of the jobs were located in London (29%) and the Home Counties and South East (28%). Other positions (39%) were scattered across various areas. Only 4% were non-specific and flexible in defining exact job locations. Travel requirements throughout the UK and overseas was listed on most of the jobs. Workers with the required skills and qualifications now have plenty of job opportunities available.

Without the required qualifications, anyone looking for a UK H&S manager or advisor position will have a hard time. The best way for someone to improve their employment chances is to seek NEBOSH accredited qualification training. Employers can increase employee knowledge by sending them for training that will be relevant for use at the workplace.

The 2011 NEBOSH Job Barometer revealed additional H&S occupationally desired skills. Environmental management responsibilities were in 62% of the announcements, a 7% increase from Aril 2010. Job titles referring to environment saw a one year increase of 11% to 53% in 2011. Other job titles and responsibilities listed quality, facilities, risk management, assurance, and well-being.

The 100 job advertisements examined in the 2011 study was small but detailed. The results were a good representation of the current H&S workplace. There is increased awareness of the need to have the right qualifications. Employers are ensuring they have qualified personnel to perform risk assessments. Individuals in this career field need to understand what different certificates are needed, what certificates they personally need and where to acquire those certificates of training.

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