Why a Variable Annuity Would Be Smart For Retired Grapplers

It’s never easy for me to see a favorite wrestler of mine call it quits. I feel like I’ve followed these people forever and seeing them retire after so long is something that’s saddening. It’s even more depressing when I know that they are going to have trouble supporting themselves later on in life. It’s one of the reasons why I feel like a variable annuity would beneficial for those who had to leave their place of work and have no other source of income.

When you form what is called a variable annuity, you essentially solidify a deal with your investor. When this is done, you are guaranteed set payments for the rest of your life on a constant basis. This is perfect for those who are in retirement or about to go into it when you consider just how many benefits there truly are. Retirement authorities such as Savings2Income can assist people in this regard because they know about the subject and desire to help others as well.

The concept of periodic amounts of money being brought into your possession is something that cannot be denied. So many retired wrestlers could have utilized this method, too, such as Ric Flair. The choices that Flair made have not been that excellent and the reluctance to leave the business is a testament to that. He must continue to break his back due to his personal issues and seeing him do these things make you wonder if an annuity could be the best decision.

This variation of annuity can also be beneficial to one’s wallet once they see that it is tax-deferred. Yes, until you actually withdraw the money from your account, you are not taxed for the income that you’re granted. It’s also possible to move your funds from one investment option to another and the absence of any taxes sticks. People who are looking out for their own well-beings, especially after being involved in a cut-throat business like wrestling, will be attracted to this perk.

It’s sad to see the athletes I care about become attached to wrestling to a fault. It doesn’t matter if money is the problem or if the issue is more internal but they manage to stay around even when their relevancy is fading fast. Maybe a variable annuity would be enough of a reason to keep them away from the dangerous world of wrestling. However, these are stubborn minds, so I can’t see that occurring in the near future.

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