Why Is This Outdoor Blanket So Special?

Camping can be a fun and great time for a family, but without the right experience, it may not initially be for everyone. Having experienced and upgraded from tent, to pop-up, to travel trailer camping, we’ll take you through the pro’s and cons of each experience, and show you how just about anyone, can love being outdoors, even when not completely roughing it.

After some time of Craigslist searching, I found a used Hybrid Travel Trailer for $4500. Hybrid means that it has the interior of a hard travel trailer, with the addition of bunks on both ends that fold out like a pop-up camper. This seemed like a good mix of the outdoors and indoors, with all of the amenities and upgrades of a modern trailer.

The major pro’s for the travel trailer are, integrated bathroom (this one is a lifesaver for a family), stovetop with oven, TV and radio, plenty of storage, which means you can load up days before your departure if you would like, refrigerator and freezer, heating and air conditioning, and a long list of additional upgrades.

My family, as most, started our camping experience with a tent. A tent is easy to pack and allows you to take off to a campground in a moments notice, without too much preparation. Though this is an advantage tents have, tents also have a number of disadvantages that are hard to overcome for a large family.

This blanket comes in a checkered print. It is also has a waterproof back. So that you can receive many years to enjoy this blanket it has been hemstitched. This blanket will offer the family the very best in safety, quality, and reliability to the family.

Another thing that few are aware of before their purchase is that the bunk ends are made of canvas, like a pop-up camper. The canvas sweats and can drip water onto you when you sleep. You can reduce or eliminate this by unzipping windows, but that introduces cold air. Canvas sweating is very apparent when you run the heater or have a lot of people in the trailer.

Pop-Up Camper

The reason I have considered this upgrade (though I most likely will stick to the hybrid) is purely for travelling with six kids. When we go on long trips with the hybrid today, we take everyone in a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Everyone fits in the SUV, but long trips can be cramped, cause arguments, and often requires multiple bathroom breaks, and snack/food stops An RV on the other hand, provides the ability for passengers to move about, utilize the bathroom if necessary, make food, play games, watch movies, and sleep. This could be a major advantage for those with kids and could make the whole travelling experience much easier.

The disadvantages for an RV are, higher fuel costs, maintenance, storage costs when not in use, maneuverability due to size, and more campsite restrictions. Whatever you may choose whether it is tent camping, pop-up, travel trailer, or RV; taking the family on regular camping trips can significantly strengthen bonding and relationships. I would definitely recommend starting in the tent though; this will give you a better understanding of roughing it, and whether you, or better yet your family, are made out for that type of camping.

Immediately, our camping experience improved. Everyone was sleeping off the ground and the camper added a sink, a stovetop, an indoor table, electric lighting, and a few other small creature comforts that made the transition from city folk to campers a bit easier.

To purchase a blanket and receive a no hassle replacement guarantee is not something that is normal. This is another exciting benefit.

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