High Ticket Coaching Product Creation – What You Need To Succeed

Right now, there are so many people who are creating and selling high ticket coaching programs in ht online arena. Sadly, not all of them are getting their desired response from their prospects. Don’t be one of them by simply taking these steps,First thing to do is to get your prospects to sign up to your newsletters. It’s important that you have their email address and phone number so you can easily get in touch with them. Getting these people to subscribe can be very challenging especially now that spam emails are on the rise. But you can still convince your prospects by giving them an assurance that you’re a great source of information and that you will not share their contact information to third parties. Of course, it will help if you offer ethical bribes like free ebooks and special newsletters.

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Group coaching is one product that you can offer to increase your rate per hour. Group coaching has many advantages for you and for the clients. As a coach you are able to reach many more people when you add group coaching and you are able to earn more per hour of coaching.Coaching clients can pay a lower rate for group coaching and they also benefit from the input of the collective group. There is an electricity and a wonderful group dynamic that is created when people who are trying to deal with similar issues, challenges and goals come together to find solutions. I feel the benefit for everyone increases with well done group coaching.

You’ll become less reliant on your time. As a coach, what is your commodity? When everything is distilled down, what are you selling? Coaching? No. Happiness? No. Success? No. Health? No. You are selling your time! Time is your commodity. And when time is your commodity and you are reliant on selling your time, you! r income potential is extremely limited. You can only realistically work 8-hours a day. So the only way to earn more money is to charge more. There is a limit to how much you can charge. And when you stop selling your time (go on holidays with your family; get sick), your income stops.

Special reports and ebooks are great ways to communicate your coaching message and introduce yourself to potential clients. People can get your information and become familiar with you and your coaching at a low cost so there is not great barrier to entry for your coaching. Later they can move to higher priced items.Teleclasses and telecourses are another avenue to reach potential coaching clients in larger groups. Teleclasses based on a particular challenge or goal common to your target coaching niche are a great way to introduce people to your coaching and to get them on the road to solutions.

Applications.Once you have products, how can you put them to use for maximum affect? We’ll now investigate some ways you can use your products to increase enquiries; conversions and sales.Building your list. In a previous edition of Coaching Inspirations, we discussed the sales funnel, and how important it is to get as many qualified prospects in the top of your funnel as possible. Using your products is a highly leveraged means to do this. Here are a few examples,Offer a free eBook as an incentive to join an online club; eZine; newsletter.Let people download a “Special Report” after subscribing to your list.Mention your list (education-based) on your tele-clinic call.Gather business cards or contacts at your seminar.

For example, if you’re thinking about selling $1,500 phone coaching programs, you cannot really expect your prospects to shell that amount of money on their first transaction, right? Especially if you’re a newbie. Naturally, they’ll hesitate and they’ll most unlikely to take the risk. What you can do is to teach them to trust you without asking them for too much money in the process. Sell them $15 newsletters or $30 ebooks first. If they’re satisfied, they’ll most likely to be more comfortable in buying your $100 CD series and later on, your $250 seminars. Do this until you can get them to buy your high-end products which is usually your coaching programs.

Quality over quantity. It’s important for any businessman to ensure that his clients will do repeat business with him over and over again. This will only happen if your customers are extremely happy with their purchases. So, instead of coming up with hundreds of mediocre ebooks, come up with those that your buyers will really treasure. Pack them with amazing information that will really bring difference to the lives or careers of your clients. As you’re starting out, I would suggest that you strive to give these people more than their money’s worth. This will help in making them remember you for a very long time. Not only that, this will also help in getting these people to recommend your ebooks and coaching services to their friends and family members.

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