How To Build A Strong Powerful Brand for Your Company

If you are like many small business owners, you may think branding is only for larger companies. But the fact is, a strong memorable brand can become the heart and soul of your business. But what is a ‘Brand’ really? Your brand is a combination of your business’s name, logo and livery design, and the personality of you and your business. Having a strong brand can help you and your business stand out from everybody else in your market.

When you own any business, your branding will help you position yourself and become successful more quickly than a company without one. If your business doesn’t have a memorable brand, you can find yourself unidentifiable by your customers and you’ll rarely be remembered just by your name when it comes time for a customer to buy.

3 Simple Steps for Creating A Memorable Business Brand

1. Creating a Name: You will want a name that is catchy and easy to remember. This name doesn’t have to relate to what you do and shouldn’t have your own name in it. A business like “Bill’s Lawn Care,” for example, can be quite the popular name which doesn’t make it unique in the least. The goal is to stand out from the competition, not blend in.

2. Logo and Design: There are two main types of logos to consider when building a brand, text-based and symbol-based. Symbols are by far easier to remember than words, so it would be much wiser to go this route. For this step in the brand building process, you will want to invest in a graphics designer that knows how to translate the personality of a business into a symbol and design.

3. Your Brand Reflects You: A unique personality is what makes a company stand out from the crowd. People will want to associate a face with the business they are dealing with, and naturally that face would be the owner’s. If you have a good personality and treat people with respect, then they’ll view your brand positively.

Expanding Your Brand Awareness

Once you’ve created a name for yourself, and a catchy design people can identify right away, and a personality people are attracted to, you have built a solid brand and it is time to expand your reach. Getting involved in social media by, using a Facebook Fanpage or by interacting with people on Twitter, is a great way to build loyalty.

You can connect with your customers through Social Media much more easily than you ever could using traditional advertising. You can use this new media to give advice and guidance to people who are looking for solutions to problems, and help them to choose you when they are ready to buy. This is how you become somebody with a well-known brand that people feel comfortable with, and trust to do the right thing by their customers.

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