Analyzing The Negative Effects Of Stress

People are, in certain ways, like machines that suffer from wear and tear – our equivalent of this is stress, the emotion our minds and bodies feel when we have to adjust to that inevitable thing called change. As a positive influence, stress can help compel us to action; it can result in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. However, it is a more common occurrence when stress is not healthy – in fact, it could be very unhealthy for the mind and body, causing illnesses including heart disease and stroke, a frequently upset stomach or ulcers, even allergies, for that matter – and on top of that add to the mental anguish and loss of trust in fellow man or loss of trust in a certain system.

The Bad Things That Stress Can Do To A Person

Even prehistoric man underwent stressful situations, but things were much simpler then, as stress was often triggered by a need to survive in the wild. Even in the modern world, the stress response can be an asset for raising levels of performance during critical events such as a sports activity, an important meeting, or in situations of actual danger or crisis. Unfortunately there is also such a thing as low-level stress – lest you misinterpret it as minor stress, this is actually the kind of stress that can cause several parts of our body, such as our heart and brains, to lag in performance or, on the opposite side of things, work too hard. This could result in mental or physical disorders in the long run. Also, in most situations, acute stress can be deadly.

Stress-related conditions that are most likely to produce negative physical effects include:

Several stressful scenarios that are beyond a person’s control, such as an extremely fast-paced and demanding job coupled with a failing marriage or relationship with partner or family.

Persistent stress following a severe acute response to a traumatic event (such as an automobile accident).

An inefficient or insufficient relaxation response.

A serious illness such as stroke or heart disease could spur on acute stress.

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For example some people play with the loose change in their pockets while others make patterns and shapes with their fingers or tap them rhythmically on the tabletop.

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