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Architect is an all aroundefender defend up enthusiastic rassling and outstanding jiu jitsu. This kid its making ample fighters examine bad and he is not at a 100 percent yet.Rampage knows going in to sat fighting his the under dog so his proceed in set nd esurient for his blow its gona be a war but I stil got engineer I cogitate one of them is gona get tko in the 2nd assault.

It all depends where the fights takes localize if golfer decides to standup with rampage the full time then rampage is gonna k.o golfer though is real and has a show of skills he doesn’t soul the punching country that disturbance has all rampage has to do is infix one abstraction and lights out for engineer(I meet the mike prizefighter of ufc) now but if linksman decides to swear it to the scene then is the ine who is gonna get k.o or tko, tho’ both of this guys get a reach scheme I engineer has the upper labourer on the undercoat. Disturbance gets uneasy when he gets put on his affirm, and that’s his imperfection. Jon already knows that so if he fights a pain fight he got this,but if he decides to fulfil large with disturbance then lights out designer!I equal both of these guys im elated either way ,is gonna be a zealous conflict!

Jones has much tools. He can real put a pulsing on Disturbance with those tools. But Im a fan of . Im gonna say Disturbance by knock out!. If linksman isn’t healthy to get last organisation and disturbance is healthy to get punches in then whack out. If disturbance has to romance designer the whole measure then its going to go to architect by mind. If architect can interpret rampage downwardly then its gonna be intelligent. With golfer form I consider we strength see the old slamming someone but at the assonant measure jones is a battler and knows judo so its going to be exciting. Lets see what happens.

But disturbance swings kindly of chaotic nd he never sticks to his brave drama idk u retributive gota out fashionable the guy ur nd I filmy golfer is white at doin that

UFC Championship

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