How To Be a Bartender That’s Out of This World

In the case that you’re reading this, then chances are you do not know “how to be a bartender that’s great “. If on the other hand you are one of the most, incredible, likable, experienced, and competent bartenders on either side of the equator than you don’t need to know all of this.But this informative article isn’t for all those guys or gals. It’s for yourself, the common, or perhaps beginner, bartender interested in upping their game.

You’ll learn a few things the great bartenders do to be out of this world.

All a bartender has to do is make Cocktails all day right? Not exactly. We all wish it was that simple but it’s not.

When you first start as a bartender chances are you will mostly be focusing on making the drinks. But in truth bartending is more about social interactions than it is about mixing drinks. Some bartenders would argue that their job is 25% making cocktails and 75% interacting with others. Surprisingly many others might even give the mixing of drinks a less percentage than 25. Now that you understand how important social interaction is in bartending let’s get something else out of the way. After reading this article you wont instantly know how to be a bartender that’s fantastic.

With all of that understood lets get something off the table. Reading the following information won’t teach you exactly how to be a bartender that’s out of this world. Because bartending is mainly supported by social intelligence and picking up on social cues it can easily be called a form of art.

And art forms aren’t learned, they’re developed. Our goal here is to merely point out aspects you should concentrate on. Let’s get started.

How To Be a Bartender That’s Likeable

The first thing you need to know is simple. You have to be more liked! It’s unfair yes but if you want to be the greatest bartender you need to work towards this goal. So how does someone become more likeable?

The truth is that a lot of people do tend to be more likeable than others. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you are one of those. There are things you can do during social interactions that will increase your likeability as a bartender.

For one, don’t talk as much as you might normally. Most people talk all the time and keep yapping on and on about nonsense. If you want to be liked by others, don’t do this.

Sadly most of the people won’t value half the crap you say. Solution? Talk less.

Being a great conversationalist is a form of art. If you want to increase your abilities in that art listen to the following golden tip. This rule of thumb will help you talk less and be liked more.

The tip is to avoid doing something called Conversational Narcissism. This is a term coined by a man named Charles Derber.

If you are engaging in Conversational Narcissism than you are constantly trying to shift the focus of conversation back to yourself. Whether consciously or unconsciously many of us do this.

In order to see Conversational Narcissism during conversation, Derber gave responses to statements in a conversation two different labels.

These two responses are called “shift response” and ” support response”. If you are responding to statements with a lot of shift responses than you are guiding the conversation to focus on you.

A support response is a reaction that permits the conversation to stay centered on the individual of the original statement.Getting confused? No trouble here’s an example where there is shift and support responses in action.

Jack: I’m really hungry.

Mary: Oh, I recently ate. (shift-response) Here Mary changes the discussion to pay attention to her.

Jack: I’m really hungry

Heather:Oh no, how much sleep did you get? (support-response) Heather is now allowing the focus of conversation to still be on Jack.

Jack: I’m sick of my car breaking down.

Heather: I’ve been getting angry at him also. You know what he did to me the other day? (shift-response)

John: God, I’m feeling so angry at Mike.

Mary: Why, what’s been happening amongst the two of you? (support-response)

Easy enough right? So here is the golden tip that will help you on how to be a bartender that’s fantastic.

It’s easy. Stop responding with shift responses so many times! The other person will continue talking more and more and you will talk less if you simple use more support responses.

If you’re talking to someone and they spend the majority of the time yacking on and on about themselves than 9 times out of 10 they will think the conversation went fantastic.

What does that mean for you? They are going to like you because of it.

So, start paying attention to the natural flow of conversations.

Learn how to be a bartender with great verbal skills and you will be learning how to be a bartender that’s out of this world.

Want to learn more about how to be a bartender or maybe you want to learn about bartending school

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