Clean Room And Data Center Facility Management – Unique Challenges

There are specific industries that face unique challenges in performing facility management and maintenance tasks. In this discussion, I am referring to the industries of life sciences (like biopharma and biotech) and the high tech/clean tech sectors (e.g. data centers). It is imperative that these challenges (discussed below) are addressed accordingly as failure to do so can compromise a facility’s whole process, and, eventually, can create a negative impact to the products or services it is offering.

Compared to other built environments, the unique challenges that these facilities are facing are the following:

For life sciences — the challenge of meeting the standards for cleanliness and sanitation, rigid sterilization regulations, as well as in addressing contamination.

For high tech/clean tech (e.g. data centers) — the challenge of addressing micro-contamination and ESD control (environmental control) for facilities that house semiconductor, flat panel, circuit board, integrated circuits, optical, and wireless nanotechnology. These facilities, when not appropriately addressed, can compromise the integrity of the processes and the products and services.

How these challenges are addressed?

Conventionally, facilities in the life science and clean tech industries assign specific team or staff to handle the task of cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the processes are done according to the imposed regulations and standards. However, it is crucial to note that this technique is burdensome and expensive and thus presents a disadvantage in achieving the target revenue.

The promising alternative – outsourcing

Outsourcing facility management is becoming more and more popular today and has been considered as one of the best alternatives to hiring an in-house team to manage maintenance tasks inside a clean room or data center facility. One clear advantage of this approach is that a company can significantly reduce its operational costs while receiving the right quality of management/maintenance service it needs. Moreover, since there are a lot of facility management maintenance services/tasks that can be outsourced, a company can spend more time focusing on its core business goals, which is beneficial to the company in its entirety.

Roy Van Rivero has had several years working in a high tech industry before becoming a full time web content writer. He utilizes his work experience in writing an array of industry topics such as cleanroom facilities management and datacenter facilities management. For more on these topics, visit Impec Group website.

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